Shropshires from the Heartland


Rueber Shropshires

If you are looking for sale sheep pictures use the photo gallery. Thanks!!!!

Welcome to Rueber Shropshires! We are located in the lovely Northeast Iowa. Half way between Decorah and Waterloo.

I just found this site and so, it will be changing when I have time to update it.

Rueber Shrops were started in 1979 when I purchased ewes from the late Roger Snyder production sales and started out. Back then I purchased different rams and then closed my flock until 2006 when Royce said we "needed" Casanova.  Yes, he did us some good in a few areas, but we lost ground in the height area. This past spring I purchased Herkales that goes back to Elsbury breeding. The reason I purchased this ram was because he had a good back ground, wool on his head, he really tall and long, and the price was something I couldn't resist. Hopefully, I can get a couple of great rams out of him and Rueber B105 so I can go back to using all Rueber rams.

All my sheep have been tested, thanks to the government. Every sheep is either RR or QR and I have been breeding with RR rams. Here at Ruebershrops, I usually have some fall lambs. The secret is that the ram has to be fertile. Ewes will sometime get lazy and not breed early. Trying for December lambs will help and then the next year try for November lambs.

Please put this website on your favorite list and check back often. Check out the photo gallery, there's a lot of old pictures on it. Also the sale sheep are in folders in the photo gallery!